The Terminal: Finding a mixer

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Hey folks – how’s it going?  I’ve been busy here in Studio Laminar working on just how to write and perform a song without the help of a computer.  I’ve been going deeper on my devices, learning their limitations, and even learning my own limitations.  And while I’m far from dropping some chill house-esque beats […]

Terminal Update: 1

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Terminal Update: 1

Hello and good evening folks.  I haven’t written in a while and I thought, “hey, I’ve been doing some particularly nerdy things, I could write about them.”  Hope you’re ready, though if you weren’t… you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Terminal Update: 1 You may remember I named my, um, ‘portable’ setup the terminal.  Not […]

The Terminal

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Wello folks (that’s well, hello, ftr).  It’s been a while since we’ve been in communication.  I’ve been busy (as per usual) and things are finally calming down.  That, and sometimes it takes a bit to have enough interesting things to say. What’s been going on?  Well, the first portion of the year I was involved […]

Lost in a Folk Record

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Lost in a Folk Record Hey folks – it’s been a while since I’ve been here to communicate with you all as my audio engineer and producer persona, vt100 – and here I am. Most of this year my posts have been surrounding a folk record I was working on.  And while I’m not here […]

What a Difference a Mic Makes

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Hey folks – long time no see. I’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff, like vacations and piano practice (If I work really hard… sometimes I get a sticker on my sheet music!). But, I’ve also been working on Cody’s record. I bet you folks thought I forgot about it huh? Well, no fucking […]

Enhancing the Vocals – Exciter and Saturator Show down

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Hey folks, and welcome to another edition of, uh, splitting hairs. Ha, but it must be done. You know, for art and shit like that. So, what’s today about? Today is about the great and powerful Cody Copeland.  Well, a lot of my time is about him lately.  I’m mixing Cody’s upcoming ep and I’d […]

Phil Ek – The SoS Article that Really Tied the Room Together

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Hey folks – how the hell are ya?  I’m good.  Been workin in the studio here and there, trying to sort out the sound we’ll use for Cody’s new record.  You know, Cody Copeland, that swell singer-song writing gentlefolk.   And it’s coming along (at least, I hope it is).  That said, there’ve been some […]

Running through the Pre-Amps and Microphones

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Comparing Preamps and Microphones… again Hey folks, here we are again.  A lot of words about, well, sound.  Recently I acquired some new gear and finally got everything up and running.  Among them was the Audient ASP880, a 1U device providing 8 lovely pre-amps, and a nice converter to boot. The thing is, with new […]

Testing a few compressors on Cody Copeland Vocals

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Note:  Soooo you’ll see below that this says i was working on this article as of Feb 13th.  And I was, it’s not like I had a valentines date.  But the reality was, sometimes websites give you trouble.  The theme apparently killed my audio players, and thus, showing you guys audio samples just wasn’t going […]

Studio 4.0

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Hey folks, long time no see.  How are things?  Things over here are alright.  Albums have been distributed to college radio stations across North America.  Next I’m planning to solicit the great folks to the north; yes Canada, I mean you.  And while all this has been going on, I’ve just been sitting on my […]