Our 5th dimension of music: The Hyperspace Dawless

Well friends on earth, it is with great pleasure that today we get to announce: Hyperspace is written. Hyperspace is moving into the next phase – recording. That means, for the uninitiated, a new album is well on it’s way to earth.

The album is Hyperspace named after where it was written. It’s about 80m over 10 tracks.

How do we describe this album in a way earth folk can grasp? Uh, it’s hard. Hyperspace is a lot like actual hyperspace, where we live most of the time these days. With the right spaceship, you can sit in hyperspace for as many cycles as you want. With the right spaceship, hyperspace is the path to anywhere. Hyperspace can also feel like a dark brooding void. Hyperspace, can feel like a distant memory.

Hopefully that’s confusing. But back to you earth people, since we both know this is about you. Hyperspace features a blend of deeply dawless sounds with lots of new sound design from none other than us. The spaceship is tuned like no spaceship has ever been tuned and flowing through the pulse of deep hyperspace has become truly something else entirely. We’ve been really into sound design inspired by Boards of Canada and Tycho, though our record sounds nothing like the music put out by those earth-geniuses.

Stylistically there’s a lot going on: Techno, Drum and Bass, IDM, Experimental, Bit-wave, Electro-classical. We just made up some new genres again. There are also more solos, because we felt like tapping into our inner rock musician from our days in the closet on earth.

There are 10 songs. You can already hear them all in their dawless form over on el youtubo. Yep, the songs are no secret though you should still hold your breath in anticipation of Hyperspace. We’ve got some new studio tricks too and Hyperspace is gonna have a sound like no other. Just you wait.

And that’s the update. Now, to go back into hyperspace and get to work on making a record. Album release ETA about a year from now – 2023. Yea, these things take a while, even when you’ve already spent 25 months composing.