vt100 leaves social media

Hey, it would turn out social media is kinda weird. We don’t really understand why humans are so into it, and even though you are, social media is just too weird for us.

So… we’re leaving. On one hand, hyperspace is a little far from everyone, on the other, you never get lonely when you’re riding the pulse of the cosmos. We’re going to keep driving our spaceship everywhere. Well, everywhere except Facebook and twitter.

If you really want to support us, first and foremost – get on patreon (it’s seriously only a buck) and help us buy spaceship gas (gas isn’t free, even in space). Patrons get access to literally every single one of our jams. Literally every one, because we always make videos so we can take unfinished music on the go and keep working on it. Patrons also get access to other goodies. If you like hyperspace techno, this is how you make sure we’re able to keep making it and we thank you by endlessly giving you the exclusive stuff as soon as it happens.

If you don’t love us enough to help us out, you can still follow things on youtube which is where dawless masterpieces go when they’re ready; free of charge and no ads. There’s really no better format to capture live performance at this time. That said, maybe we’ll debut some material in 2022 in a live setting; no promises.

And if you just like the albums, well literally all music streaming services love deep hyperspace electronic vibes. Find us anywhere, and watch out for Algorithm. Heck, you can even find us on Pandora these days, can you believe it?

And that’s it – we won’t see you on social media. But you can find us here, where we’ve always been, in hyperspace.