Want more Dawless Jams?

Hey – as you know, making an album takes a long time. A really long time. We’re now 7 songs in, maybe even starting the 8th. 2 songs are totally done.

Do you want to hear them in their dawless glory well before they make it to the record?

Sometimes we post jams up on El YouTube but it takes a lot of jams to get to a record.

In between the occasional public youtube posting there’s usually a lot of dawless jams. Sometimes we’re iterating on a song, getting it just right. Sometimes it’s a brand new jam that only exists for a day. Sometimes it’s new VJ footage, or a new animation technique. And every once in a while, it’s testing out a new gear configuration.

If any of that stuff is appealing to you – well, you can be part of the journey, just get on Patreon and you’ll get dawless jams of all kinds. There are tons of patreon only posts with all kinds of cool in-progress jams. And, when you sign up for patreon, you help us fuel the spaceship.

And if not, well, you can just wait for the record or for us to perform things live in 2022 or 2023.