Dawless & Bitwave

Earth based artistry enjoys classification. Despite Frank Zappa’s efforts to thwart traditional classification via the censors, genre and style are how terrestrials communicate about music despite the negative consequences of classification.

Now, as you’re well aware, we’re hardly terrestrial but we do have an important thing in common with the average earth-person, we like to communicate and express identity. Multi-consciousness bio-mechanical creatures born of hyperspace just communicate this identity differently than the average human or puppy so it’s something we haven’t talked about too much yet. But we had to wonder – is there some way we could better communicate our identities with earth-species?

It turns out your language has finally advanced far enough for this to sorta work out, so we’re going to give you two descriptors that work for our hyperspace techno. One word is, sadly, becoming a thing… but it works. And the other word we made up with other words (that’s a popular thing on your planet, is it not?)


Spaceship created music, on your planet, is called dawless. We, vt100, are dawless musicians. We don’t really love this word, but it’s the word that got published in a buncha magazines so, fuck it – we’re dawless.

Dawless is a fancy-pants word for, “without a daw”. Now, you may very well know daw isn’t a word, and it’s not, it’s an acronym that means Digital Audio Workstation. And what the front-door does digital audio workstation mean? You know those programs people use on their computers to make music? That’s what a DAW is.

Okay so, then what’s dawless? “Without a daw” – so… without that software we just talked about? Yep.

But isn’t computer made without software all the time? Yep! But not electronic music – these days most electronic music is programmed right into a computer. The synthesizers are inside the computer. The effects are inside the computer. Everything… inside your computer. One little box that does it all. Maybe some people use their computer and a little on the outside… but it’s still… in the computer.

In the context of a music that’s always made on a computer, dawless now refers to spaceship based musicians. Anyone making bleeps and bloops… without their computer.

Now your final thought might be thinking, ‘didn’t they ever make electronic music before they could use computers to do it?’ – yep. So… why don’t we call electronic musicians ‘daw musicians’ since technically dawless predated any normal way to do it?

Because that’s the word that made it onto the internet first for alien musicians like us since we’re the weird ones these days. Well, it works – so we’re dawless or at least, that’s our style (we’re a little more than just dawless you know). Yep, if you ever hear anyone talking about dawless musicians, they’re talking about, well, us.

dawless is dawless so why should it be?


Much like in traditonal earth music there is not only a style but there is a genre. Right – you may be in a band, but what kind of music does your band play (jazz!?!?!?!?)? You may be a dj… but you’ll probably spin specific kinds of music (hopefully liquid).

We’re talking about genre. Genre is hard but also a useful communication tool when discussing music.

So, uh, what kinda genre are we? Well, we don’t really fit in too tightly anywhere. Sometimes we’re experimental, sometimes we’re a little IDM. And sometimes we’re this thing we like to call, bitwave.

Yes, we totally made that word up. It’s derivative of wave styles of music, which are all heavily synthesizer based (usually with some retro flare) and well, bit. We chose bit because we’re a little bit chippy. But we’re not chip (chiptune for short), which really focused on videogame styled music with videogame sounds. We just sorta like the sounds, but like to apply them in the wave context.

Bitwave – how do you like that? The birth of a new genre right before your eyes! This is the equivalent of a creative supernova and you just watched it happen (without shades on no less).

We make bitwave music. At least, when we’re not making that other stuff 😉

Dawless Bitwave

And there you have it, we are dawless & bitwave. Or a dawless bitwave. Maybe a bitwave dawless? Nah, dawless is better in front. Of course, when you put em together it’s just db… but that’s taken.

vt100 are dawless bitwave artists.

There, we said it.