Xaust is one of the more unique habitable planets in the universe.  Originally settled as an outpost for technological development, several centuries social evolution changed the planet’s core value from capitalism to creativity.  Businesses were eventually entirely pushed off world and the planet dedicated the bulk of its efforts to enhancing individual, group, and societal creative efforts. 

While Xaust is dedicated to the arts, it’s not equally dedicated to all arts (though all art forms are equally respected).  The technological roots of the planet ran deep within its inhabitants inspiring many of them to embrace digital art forms.  Generated computational images, 3 dimensional interactional immersivities, and digital memories were among the more popular of the arts.  Though, over time, the breadth of artistic medium dwindled and the planet became ever more focused on Synaesthetics.

Music, to most planets, is what’s considered to be a foundational art; creativity that comes from the depths of existence itself.  Spiritual in its very nature, no one is surprised when music becomes the main focal point of any given creative or religious populous.  This is especially true for planets that embrace creativity as their central ethos, like Xaust.  Of the known planets, few are dedicated to creative passions and most of that few are musical planets.  Yet Xaust remains unique, as it’s the only planet in the ethersphere dedicated entirely to Synaesthetics.

Many wonder how a planet like this survives, with everyone so focused on creative expression, how do the inhabitants of Xaust meet their basic physical needs?  Xaust remains unique in this regard too through a system of interplanetary barter, and musicio-socialism.  Each occupant of the planet works a part time job to fulfill basic local planetary needs, but these roles are kept to a minimum.  Capitalism is entirely banned on Xaust, so an employee may only ever work as hard or as long as it is necessary to sustain basic local economic functions like food production or synthesizer repair.  

Xaust has a somewhat advantageous interplanetary role that helps keep surface needs to a minimum.  Colloquially referred to as the disco planet, Xaust exports a tremendous amplitude of synthesizer music.  On world, Xaust also has tremendous tourist appeal as the Xaustian synaesthetic performances are the finest in the universe.  While most planets cannot seem to establish artistic economies, Xaust thrives simply due to the passion of synthesis.

Once the core needs of the planet are met, the remainder of an individual’s life is typically dedicated to interpersonal creative enhancement.  Individuals work with themselves or with groups, some groups very large (one time a whole continent did a musical performance together, talk about amazing).  There’s no general goal outside of the pursuit and expression of creativity.  It’s not uncommon to see Xaustians performing for each other within their local neighborhoods nightly and even younglings are included in the expressions of music.  Every house in every community participates so there are never noise complaints.

Synaesthetics has brought Xaust and the Xaustians seemingly infinite prosperity.  Xaust plays the music, the universe dances and djs.  And it is here on Xaust, where Doctor Cosmos, the creator of the vt100 received their fundamental inspiration.  The idea that would lead to the collective consciousness of the bio-mechanical vt100.  And, an idea that would become our only hope.

We must get to Xaust before Algorithm does.  Much like the vt100, the universe doesn’t stand a chance without the pulse of this planet.

Doctor Syn Cosmos