Long play take 2

Because sometimes stuff just doesn’t work. We mean, have you seen our spaceship? This shit is complicated and that’s just the beginning. We rarely talk about our docking hub, the place we land the spaceship… it’s just as complicated.

A complicated spaceship doing a landing in a complicated docking up is bound to be complicated, especially when you want to stream the newest of new music to the world.

You might be asking, Well…what happened?

First and foremost, we forgot to test the sound.

Yea… we know…. #spaceship_engineer_shame

We tested everything but the sound, with the sound however we made an assumption. A terrible, terrible assumption. You see, in a complicated audio docking configuration there are lots of choices as to where to get your audio from, while streaming. Our normal methods worked fine but we don’t normally play you pre-recorded music, we play you live music.

And well, the bits of the setup that allow for pre-recorded music got messed up. A stalklonian hamster got into the wiring and messed a buncha stuff up. Sure, we woulda caught the hamster sooner has we tested, this vicious hamster was going to sully our evening no matter what we did. Luckily the hamster is now in a zoo for misguided alien rodents so we should be good to go.

We know, it’s a big risk logging into a live stream; anything could go wrong. This is the risk we take, that you take – and we do hope you’ll join us for the second, only ever, attempt at streaming algorithm.

Here’s the link:

We’ll be deleting the video permanently after the stream. This is the only way to catch Algorithm until 2021.

And… if the spaceship blows up again… we’ll that’s how live goes sometimes, isn’t it?