Algorithm is done

What up alien crew? It’s been a bit since we’ve posted any updates and well, we’ve reached quite the milestone. Algorithm, our fourth studio album is done. Okay, not quite done – we’re in the process of reviewing the masters, but it’s pretty done as far as the music goes. From here we start putting together the art work and all the other goodies we need to do for release which will be…. next year.

Algorithm comes out in 2021, probably winter.

We know, we’re total teases right? Well, yes. And while you’ll have to wait until 2021 to buy or stream Algorithm in it’s entirety, well, there’s still plenty to be excited about in the meantime. You know, there will be some singles in advance of the album and other exciting media we’re working on.

Wanna know more? Read on…

About Algorithm

We’ve been working on algorithm since shortly after we finished the mix on Burden of Irrational Optimism which documented our voyage through space until recently. The writing of Algorithm started in the fallish of 2018, went all through last year, and 2020 has just been recording and mixing the record. These things take a while to make, you know?

Now, if you’ve been following us Facebook or YouTube then you’ve heard much of this music as we’ve developed it; It’s very important for us to be able to play (most of) a record live and so live comes first. Does that mean you’ve heard this record? Not really, this is a greatly refined rendition of all of that work over the last couple years and we think you’ll notice the minute you start the record. We’re actually pretty excited about how this one cleaned up… and it cleaned up so nice.

Much like our last two records, Algorithm is made exclusively using hardware synthsizers on hardware sequencing. We took this a bit further this record and included even more outboard gear, like the delays that add so much to our sound. Then, unlike our last two records, we wanted this record to include more DAW based production. You may remember, Strangle Quiet Sunset was produced completely in the box and well, we had some skills we hadn’t flexed in a while. So, while this record is playable live, it also comes with a little extra bling that we think will tickle your fancy.

Algorithm is 11 songs:

  • Mend
  • Algorithm
  • Bill
  • Techno Spaceship
  • SOAK
  • Aztec LEDs
  • Evi 6
  • Visitor
  • Xaust
  • Bill Part 2
  • Bit Rot

This record is quite a bit more uptempo and just more straight forward techno then anything we’ve released to date, though it goes back to our roots programming trance in Logic and Ableton. Definitely a new (but old) direction to fly our spaceship.

Upcoming Releases

Algorithm is coming 2021, but a series of singles will release leading up to the album’s release. Upcoming releases for us are:

  • Shall – Releasing June 23rd 2020 — This is a previously unreleased trance tune that’s one of our favorite tracks of all time. We’re so excited to share it with you. This track is not on the record and will only be released as a single.
  • Techno Spaceship — TBD
  • Visitor — TBD

We’re thinking maybe fall for Algorithm’s singles to start making their way to Spotify. And, some folks are working on remixes too, so as those develop there may be even MORE releases. Very exciting, we do hope you’ll login and checkout all this awesome new music.

What’s next?

Given Algorithm is done, what’s next for us? We’ve already got stuff in progress and we will continue working on all of that. That is, Stuck the animated short film soundtrack is next on our list. We’re also directing a music video for Visitor and we’re working on our next release which will be a much more glitched out set of tracks released as an EP. Soooooo yea, plenty going on. That’s how things go when you live on a techno spaceship.

Thanks for checking in, we’ve got a bit of news comin out lately so stay tuned for more updates. <3