Video Game Film Score PART 4: Reference LIST

Every serious project needs reference tracks to serve as guidelines to a targeted creative process. These are songs that have musical elements that we want to highlight for ourselves or lend themselves to the sonic aesthetic we hope to achieve. Out of literally about thirty billion songs, we picked these (well, we’re still picking new tracks all the time to be totally honest). We’ll go through the list today, and then take a deeper dive into some of the tracks in the following article.

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Video Game Sound Track Reference List

Video game music we will be listening to over… and over… and over…
  1. Dungeon 2 – Dungeon Explorer (tg16)
  2. Prologue – Blaster Master (nes)
  3. Field Theme – Crystalis (nes)
  4. Stage 03 – Journey to Silius (nes + sunsoft chip)
  5. Secret Stage – Gauntlet (nes)
  6. Dungeon 3 – Dungeon Explorer (tg16)
  7. Cave Theme – Willow (nes)
  8. Bloody Tears – Castlevania II (nes)
  9. Bonus Round – Balloon Fight (nes)
  10. Bonus Stage – Sonic The Hedgehog (sms)
  11. Zillion Theme – Zillion (sms)
  12. Cutscene Theme – Willow (nes)
  13. In game music – Thexder (msx)
  14. Stage Theme 04 – Gauntlet (nes)
  15. Title Music – Cybernoid 2 (Atari ST)

In the film the main character plays a game called ‘bubble knight’ which inspired many of the fantasy choices on the list which are mostly focused around the Nintendo Entertainment System (nes). In addition, I included other tracks/systems for various reasons:

  • The Sega Master System (sms) and MSX tracks are there specifically to shed light on AY3 use cases (if you don’t know, check out the last post).
  • Similarly, the track 15 is to show off the 6581.
  • The TurboGrafx16 (tg16) games are there to present a ‘more advanced’ context for fantasy game music.
  • Journey to Silius was added because it’s about as good as the NES gets (and without an enhancement chip!).

And finally, Balloon Fight – the director actually included this clip in the reels to enhance a comical portion of the film. We’re going to write some ‘bonus’ music for Bubble Knight in its place.