What is Algorithm?

A manifestation of the machine’s bias.  Algorithm… A planet? A machine?  Alive?  When you can’t tell whether or not something classifies as a creature, consciousness, or machine you are truly lost.  All anyone knows for certain, truly, is someone put it there.

Algorithm is all of those things, simultaneously.  Part computer, part bionic; Algorithm floats through the universe doing the one thing it was designed to do, subjugate.  Questions from the universe are many, Algorithm provides answers.  Algorithm stitches reality to time.  Algorithm turns void into matter. 

Every thought, every idea, is altered by Algorithm’s existence.  Originally contrived of altruistic intention, many still believe that Algorithm is humanity’s all holy saviour.  Praise be, waving their hands in the air, chant legions of Algorithm zealots.  Humanity asks, Algorithm provides, guiding us to our chosen destiny.

There is consciousness; there is id.

– Doctor Cosmos      

We have no idea how Algorithm came to consciousness.  Given it was built, many believe it’s merely a state machine responding to the intentional biases provided by its creator.  Billions upon billions of inputs are registered, statistically analyzed through vast computational networks until a guess with 99.9% accuracy can be found.  Yet Algorithm’s creator was trying to save the universe, how could such desire end up in this machine?

Others believe that Algorithm evolved consciousness over thousands of millenia.  But why would something evolve that is excused from the need of survival?  Evolution, including natural selection, always requires death.  Algorithm cannot die, how could Algorithm evolve?  What purpose does evolution serve if not for survival?

Regardless, Algorithm executes with an id driven desire, that much is certain and a subtle desire at that.  While we’re extremely aware we’re being manipulated, we have no idea to what end.  For Algorithm’s victims, while we feel the gentle tugging of our strings, our limbs never move on their own.  Yes, Algorithm, we see you, but why are you there?

And what of us, those to whom Algorithm was designed to save?  Can we really ever trust this unknown and seemingly endless desire?  Indeed.

We have a symbiotic relationship, dependent to the last breath.  We ask, Algorithm is.

What is Algorithm?

What indeed.