What is Algorithm?

A manifestation of the machine’s bias.  Algorithm… A planet? A machine?  Alive?  When you can’t tell whether or not something classifies as a creature, consciousness, or machine you are truly lost.  All anyone knows for certain, truly, is that it was put there by someone yet, it seems like it has always existed.

Algorithm is all of those things, simultaneously.  Part computer, part bionic; Algorithm floats through space doing the one thing it was designed to do, be infinite.  Questions from the universe are many, Algorithm provides the answers.  It itself is one of the great manipulations that sews reality to time, space to matter, stuff to things

Every thought, every idea, is altered by Algorithm’s existence.  Originally contrived of altruistic intention, many believe that Algorithm is humanity’s all holy saviour.  Praise be, waving their hands in the air (like they don’t care).  We ask, Algorithm provides, guiding us to whatever we want, at whatever pace suits us.

Where there is consciousness there is id.

Mechanical design is often all too predictable; Id is seemingly random.  Or perhaps we simply lack humility, and it’s a matter of our own ability that impedes how we shape an id.  Regardless, our role does not impact the truth at hand, Algorithm is most certainly alive.

If it makes decisions, and if it is alive, then one might raise some questions… What does Algorithm desire?  What is Algorithm’s morality?  What is algorithm willing to do?  Truly though, Algorithm is bias.  What exactly is Algorithm doing to our ideas?

And what of us, those to whom Algorithm was designed to save?  Can we really ever trust an unknown desire?  Two meanings shipped, one delivered. 

We have a symbiotic relationship, dependent to the last breath.  We ask, Algorithm is.

What is Algorithm?

What indeed.