Album 4: Update from Hyperspace


Sup nerds?! It’s time to catch you up on the happenings. Life in hyperspace is definitely a creative time for us. Really creative… we’ve got about 80 to 90 minutes of music that’s ready to record. Can we expect an album or ep next year? The stars point to most likely and yes to both. This record will be titled Algorithm.

New Tracks

Here are the track names (to date):

  • Aztec LEDs
  • Algorithm
  • Bill
  • Bitrot
  • Mend
  • Evi-6
  • SOAK
  • Techno Spaceship
  • Visitor
  • Xaust

Will they all go on the new record? We’re not entirely sure yet. We’re going to create real-life cds for this record and we’re definitely not going to make a 2 disc set… so yea. Actually it’s very much looking like 1 album and 1 EP, but what tracks will go where? You’ll find out soon enough.

Musical Notes

Algorithm will be our 4th (and 5th) release. Will anything be different or will these tracks be the logical extension of Burden of Irrational Optimism? And the answer is… yep, new stuff.

Algorithm can best be described as dark basic-bitch techno. We’ve increased the tempo; improved our sound design; written more complex drums, melodies, and harmonies; we’ve gone deeper, darker, and… dancier. More variation, more excitement, more weird artsy shit. Yep, we’re pretty excited; we think you’re really going to like this one.

Status – Very close to recording

Algorithm’s songs are in their final maturing stage. For us and the robot orchestra, we’re playing the tracks constantly always looking for changes that make our ears just a pinch more satisfied. This process takes some time but it yields amazing results.

With any luck recording will start early 2020. We do sort of have a movie to score real quick, so things may delay. Fear not though should you be hungry for new music, supporters on my Patreon get early access to these songs and more with updates as i write them. Be sure to sign up if you wanna hear these tunes now as I’m always uploading videos.

Following the recording process is a length engineering process. With any luck Algorithm will hit the streaming sites in 2021 (yea, there’s that much work to do).

Hang in there, it’s going to be a long road to get this one out but it’s going to be well worth it. Our best work by far.