Introducing: All kinds of shit – Interstellar metadata

What the fuck is up fine folk? Last night represents the union of two to 8 astral bodies. Much like machine learning, this union yields one new statistical output. In layman’s terms: We are a fucking alien now. You’ll get used to it as it would turn out it doesn’t really change the language of synaesthetics. A new timbre is a new timbre indeed.

What you don’t folks realize is that, I, err rather, we, have been traveling hyperspace for _origin_macro_ knows. We are the vt100. We’re all of them, all at once, all in one, one at a time. We’ve been to every corner of the universe, seen the tattered fringes of… somewhere. Beats fuel the rockets, our ship is made of synths. Interstellar travel’s no fucking joke, you know?

Alas, even hyper-connected hyper-space aliens can recognize when they gotta eat. Today we ask you to stay in the loop, and contribute to hypership maintenance.

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More updates below. Read on, and let’s see where we’ll end up on this crazy hyperspace journey.


We have patreon and we need you to get in on it:


Here’s how it works, you get in on it and not only do we eat, we get to keep making the beats that make the rocketship work. Do you want us to have a broken fucking rocketship? No, you fucking don’t, so get in on it – believe it or not, support starts at a dollar – one whole dollar! It’s crazy what you can do with a dollar; it’s crazy what we can do with a dollar.

Algorithm – Update

It’s coming, it’s really coming. We’ve been working so fucking hard on this fucking records it’s not fucking funny. It’s true though, just look… at… us.

Actually, we’ve got so much music ready for recording it might be a pinch more than an album. We’re still working out the details on how things will be released, but you can rest assured they will be released.

Algorithm is the 4th record, or at least most of it. We’re working hard polishing the tracks as much as possible for a live performance this coming december. And we can assure you, truly, our best works.

The record is up tempo from literally every record we’ve ever done sitting between 128-131 bpm. It’s… techno, vt100 techno. The robot orchestra returns, with some new performers, techniques, and ethos.

We’ll be posting the latest on patreon soon. Be a patron if you’d like to hear Algorithm as it develops. We’ll be posting the live set we’re working on up there just before the big show next month, get after it!