The burden of Irrational Optimism – Radio Play

Hey everyone – We have a little time off and thought, wouldn’t now be the perfect time for a little update from the world of vt100? We mean, heck, we’ve released a new album and yet the blog has been silent… well, let’s fix that.

March 19th, The burden Of Irrational Optimism became available on all the places. While we’re still waiting on data as to how the world is receiving our latest musical exploration on streaming sites, we have some data to share as far as how things are going on… radio. Yep, back in January we sent out pre-release copies of burden to non-commercial radio stations across the United States and Canada and the response is our best radio response to date.

As of the writing of this post, here are the stations that have played tracks from The burden of Irrational Optimism:

  • KTSW (Texas) – who even wrote a review
  • WCMO (Ohio)
  • WTUL (Louisiana) – burden placed #18 on the top 30 new albums and #4 for new electronic albums for 03/11/19 – 03/17/19
  • KALX (Berkeley, CA – my home town)
  • CKMS (Ontario) – And you can catch the broadcast here
  • KFJC (Los Altos, CA – and one of my alma matter)
  • CFRU (Ontario) – Number 10 new electronic albums April 2nd
  • CKXU (Alberta) – Uh, number 1 on April 2nd!!
  • CFBX (British Columbia) – #9 new electronic albums April 4th
  • WCBN (Michigan) – #19 when it was played back in feb. Number 1… april 8th…
  • WMBR (Massachusetts)
  • WXDU (North Carolina)
  • WRSU (New Jersey)
  • CJSW (Calgary)
  • KCSU (Colorado)
  • WPRB (New Jersey)
  • CJSR (Edmonton, Alberta) – And, it hit number one back in feb.
  • CJAM (Windsor/Detroit) – Hit number 9 in March!

And that’s all I’m aware of so far, but 14 stations… and even some charting! Pretty exciting for us. Thanks to all of the djs who took a chance on our record. With any luck, this is just the beginning and burden has a long life yet to come.

Update – 4/8/19: Found a one more stations, up to 15 🙂

Update 4/15/19: More stations added, 16!

Update 4/17/19: Guess we hit number one on CJSR back in feb, 18…