3 new bandcamp exclusives – 1/16/19

Hey everyone, how are you? Here in Berkeley, CA it’s raining quite a bit. I’m listening to my friends record, and enjoying some quiet with my birds. After much stillness indeed, I realized I hadn’t updated you all on the latest happenings. In preparation for The burden of Irrational Optimism‘s upcoming release, I’ve included three new tracks on bandcamp for your listening pleasure.

And what do we have, exactly? A completely improvisational performance, a new take on an old classic and… a very old classic. I thought today I’d introduce you to the tracks, two of which are partnership exclusive.

Synaesthetics Volume .001 https://vt100.bandcamp.com/track/synaesthetics-vol-1

Synaesthetics Volume .001 is a completely improvisational performance. I wrote the music as I was playing it, starting only with a couple of drum loops, and some ready made sounds.

Since completeing burden I’ve been developing techniques for improvised techno. Much like Who’s line is it anyways? but with more bleeps and bloops.

This particular Synaesthetics set was originally posted to my facebook page as ‘thursday synaesthetics’. Now, when I play this ‘song’, it’s called Xaust.

Tahoe Special Edition: Live

Of the three new releases, Tahoe Special Edition: Live is the only one you can hear without partnering with me on bandcamp. Press play, give it a shot.

Tahoe was originally created on the spot during a jam session in Tahoe with an old friend of mine. I started by creating a simple sound on my Moog Subphatty, it was the first sound I created on it actually. Then I added a couple more simple layers, a fat drone, and even found a little melody. I wasn’t going for anything in particular, just some basic ass techno.

While jamming on my own, my friend found inspiration and jumped in. Suddenly he created his own riffs on the fly. Just jamming, it was like we were locked to each other. I had my harsher structured rhythms, my friend brought biology. We could tense and release. It was really something.

This song, ever since, lived as a single sequence on bent. At least, my portion of it. Every now and again I play it, it’s a wonderful memory full of powerful music.

Following the completion of burden I decided to retrofit this track to the latest setup, and give it enough structure to call it done. I hope you enjoy this live recording of Tahoe.



My final release is another partner exclusive. Shall is a song I completed a long, long time ago. It pre-dates my first record and is the second song I felt was good enough to pay someone to master. I wrote it entirely within my computer using a mouse and a regular old qwerty keyboard.

Shall is a darker trance-esque song I produced when i wanted to be reasonably edm. Within it, I blended elements of breaks, progressive, and world war 2 recordings.

Sometimes, when I feel really weird about shit, I pretend I’m listening to Winston give this speech while buildings explode around me.

I am, and have been since completing it, extremely proud of everything this song is. I wanted to share it. Enjoy.