Announcement: New Album presales live!

You know that feeling when you’ve created a new record, and after months of planning, making things, and research, a tiny little bit of that record is finally available? That’s how I’m feeling right now, as, well, The burden of Irrational Optimism, my third studio record, is finally for sale.

But wait, the record doesn’t come out until 3/19/19, should I just wait? Nope, you should totally buy it now. If you do via bandcamp you get a download or unlimited streaming of Center in advance of the release date. Other sites, not necessarily. Also, if you’re into CDs (real true to life stuff), bandcamp is now the only place to get them.

Here’s where you can find various pre-sales:

  • Bandcamp:
    • Download/Stream for 7.99
    • 24-bit downloads
    • CDs 15.00 + shipping
  • iTunes
    • Download 9.99
    • Apple Music Streaming 3/19/19
  • Amazon – Download 9.49

Fwiw, I’m not listing ‘everywhere’ you can go to get the record. Trust me, if they sell music, the CD is probably there. Notice too, that different sites will charge you different amounts, bandcamp is your most cost effective purchase 🙂

And yes, it will be on spotify, too.

Other than that, well, give it a shot. You can listen to Center right now and see for yourself: