New soundcloud release and album announcement 11/24/18

Well, hello folks.  When was the last time we spoke?  Yea… it’s been a few months, hasn’t it.  The last thing I posted was the talk I gave on synaesthetics; I’m very proud of this, you should check it out if you’ve ever got 50 minutes to burn expanding your mind.  Since then, what’s been going on?   Oh, just making records, you know, the usual.

And with that, I’d like to introduce you to Center, this sixth track on The burden of Irrational Optimism

The burden of Irrational Optimism or “burden” as I colloquially like to call it, is my second foray into the creation of electronic music exclusively using a hardware exclusive technique.  That is, while the recording was made digitally, the music was composed and is performable using hardware based synthesizers, sequencers, sound fx, and mixing elements.  Effectively, this music is created by performing a music studio.  burden extends upon what Impedance started, maturing in sound design, composition, and performance.

Presently we’re tying up all our fun record-label release planning, including finaling the artwork, planning music videos, and creating the first single.  Expect the album to officially drop in March or April and the record will be available on CD as well as iTunes/Spotify; info on purchasing n such to come later, today is just about the music.

Just an add, the first single will not be Center, this is just a special soundcloud only release for you folks.  I just really wanted to share what’s been going on with you all, since the formal release will take some time.

Okay, I want to keep this one short so, we’ll catch up later, enjoy!