The Synaesthetic Perspective – dawless composition

Well, hello.  It’s been a while hasn’t it?  My records indicate… April of 2018 (it is presently september).  Wow, what a long time to have pass without a word.  Well, it hasn’t been that silent if you’re following me on the facebooks (or twitter), but you’re right; I haven’t blogged in a very long time.

What has the long format missed out on?  Nothing more than the journey of a lifetime.  I mean, I threw an art show, wrote another record, and even played out 3 times.  Yea, all within the last I dunno, 11 months.  Sorry not sorry, but yes, I’ve been extremely busy.  Now, while I mix that record I wrote, things are slowing down for fall’s great onset.  Finally, some time to reconnect.

What’s extra exciting is that I’ve got a great many stories to tell.  So much is going on; too much – so we’ll just do things in long-format chunks.  The first chunk?  Something strange and wonderful, Synaesthetics.

And don’t worry, I’m going to talk about the upcoming record (it’s just fantastic).  You’re welcome to ride along on that journey musically, if you’d like, just get on my soundcloud and check up on me from time to time; I’m always posting work in progress mixes.


Wait what?  Strange new complicated sounding word?  Yep.  Though I chose it because, well, I don’t have to write that much about it.  You see, last month I did a talk on a musical perspective, synaesthetics.  I also recorded that talk, which means you can just watch the below video, should you like to know more.

Until next time when we start to explore my latest work, The Burden of Irrational Optimism