Terminal Update: End of 2017

Good morning everyone.  It’s a sunny Thursday morning here in Berkeley, CA and I’m on my winter work break.  This means lots of music and particularly slow mornings.  Soyrizo & eggs in hand, I now embark upon this blog post with you, and a recently microwaved scone.

At the end of a year, one thing many of us like to do is reflect.  I’m simply going to update, because we all know what ride we’re on.

Terminal Update: End of 2017 Edition

Do you guys even remember what the terminal is?  Well, who cares, the title of these articles has been institutionalized and the original meaning now lost.

The big updates, I suppose, would be on the album front.  We have our track list.  Songs and their status:

  • Warehouse – Ready for Mix
  • Cables – Ready for Mix
  • Impedance – “mixed”
  • A Thought – Ready for Mix
  • Symbiosis – Ready for Mix
  • Eclipse – Mix IP
  • Bio – Waiting for Arrangement
  • Pyrrhic – Arrangement IP

I need to do the math, but there will be an edit if we need to to force it to 75m.  Unless cds are longer these days.  Yes, I know, cd – I like to play by the old rules okay?

Note also: No numbers associated with those tracks; I didn’t want you getting any wrong ideas.

I’m too lazy to look at any former posts at the moment, but I believe the only one I’ve never written about here before is pyrrhic.  If you don’t remember, Bio were the scribbles that came out immediately when I got home from a very long walk on the beach.  If you do remember and I haven’t actually told that story, well… you know what to do.


There are ideas and there are songs.  Much of the time, I come up with the idea at the time I come up with the basis of the song.  I mean, I have to save the files with some kind of name don’t I?  Sometimes, ideas come much earlier.

These ideas tend to be these odd little concepts that I know I want to realize.  But I  mean, what does it all mean for audio to representative of my perception of some nebulous idea.  Nothing, or everything, or fuck it, maybe it’s as simple as, “I want to find a vessel to deliver this word to you” – that word being a title or my supposed, message.

Pyrrhic is a word that’s been with me for a long time.  This is what it means:

  1. (of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.