Terminal Update: The DAWLESS Live Set and Record Making

Hello again folks.  How are you?

It would seem part of my forthcoming news resolutions is to do more writing.  You should most certainly rejoice because boy, am I going to find those little details that make things interesting.

Interesting to me, anyway.

Well, maybe you like news; I mean everyone likes the news… right?

Live Set Madness

Playing out, bringing what I do in the studio, to a live situation is compelling on many levels.  From the nature of what changes when other humans are present in a room, to the technical achievement of getting the Terminal into a place where it can move around and remain reliable.  If only it were as simple as, “can’t you just stick the fucking songs together?”  Oh no, nothing that’s easy in this business.

When we’re thinking about the live set, we’re going for ‘as smooth as possible.’  This directly translates to:

  • Minimize dead air
  • Minimize sounds I really don’t want my audience to hear (and yes there are a few)
  • Make sure the synths don’t make it weird between songs
  • Power – How do all 20 plugs find their homes in as little time as possible?
  • Transportation – 2 keyboard stands, 2 music stands, a pile of synthesizers and a mixer.  Uh.
    • … and cables …
  • And you know, set list.

What’s fun is, how things like that first bullet influences the set list.  I’ll explain that maybe someday, if you’re nice.

I would say that everything is coming along nicely at this point.  The setlist is ready to go; I’m making steady improvements each iteration.  Power/Transportation are next, but there’s sometime.

Live Stream of the uh… Live Set

Since there’s a set, why don’t we test it out?  I’ll be streaming the live set… live next Saturday, Dec 2nd.  Sure, I post the set all the time to my facebook page, but if I had a really bad set I erase it and try again.  Next Saturday… we just gotta own it if it goes south.  The pressure!

You can catch it on my twitch 12/2/17 at 8:30pm pst:  https://www.twitch.tv/vt100music

Record Update

Ah ha.. progress!  Things are moving.   Recording has happened, oh yes it’s happened.  The state of the songs as of now:

  • WarehouseRecorded/Edited – Ready for Mix
  • CablesRecorded/Edited – Ready for Mix
  • ImpedanceRecorded/Edited – Ready for Mix
  • EclipseRecorded – In Edit
  • A ThoughtRecorded – Ready for Edit
  • SymbiosisRecoded – Ready for Edit
  • Bio – Writing IP

Yep, all of the written songs are recorded.  Phew.   Feels like a clean slate, doesn’t it?  I like to clear my headspace a little with where a song is before moving onto another song.  At least for this album, I’ve been writing clusters and then recording them all taking them through the editing stage.  Once they’re recorded, I start working on another batch of songs (in this case, starting with Bio).

I’m pretty close to calling the record written (The first six tracks are about an hour).  I think I’m planning on chasing down maybe another 2 or 3 song ideas.  There’s a ton I want to do though, if somehow I’m still like “omg inspired” I may break my self-imposed structure.

And, if you were wondering, yes, I am waiting to mix them all at the same time.  I find this contextual limitation to be valuable in honing musical focus.  At least, for mixing.


So… there’s a new song?  Who is she you ask?  I never really intro the songs do I?  Well, story time.

Burden of Irrational Optimism

Or, Bio.  Sometimes I call it “Bio Logic”; truth be told I have decided on it’s name.  They all need working titles though, or I can’t save them.  We’re just gonna go with Bio for now.

At the beginning of October, my friend Bill and I went for a long walk on a long beach.  California’s Lost coast, for our second trip, was lovely, windy.  If you’ve ever been on a gloriously long walk, you’re well aware of the processing that occurs.  Everything going on will have all the time it needs to work itself out.

I was fresh out of a break up and feeling particularly dismayed by a new pattern I’ve observed in “hostile positivity”.  My way of dealing with things is through snark; I made fun of optimists all weekend.

For me, there was something particularly inauthentic about this portrayal of good.  Manifesting those positive outcomes.

Smile or we’ll cut you.

This much happiness can only lead to harsher truths, the one’s you’ve been avoiding.  This is the burden of irrational optimism.   The shackles of a joy-mandate.  I suppose there is happiness in slavery.

On the beach, I was toying around with some chord progression and rhythmic patterns in my head.  Coming home with me, they inspired the first few button presses on the sequencer.

Anyway, there’s some other things I can say about this song and how I’m writing it, but let’s save that for later, shall we?