Upcoming Projects for December – Martta Saksa and Cody Copeland

Now, I know you folks are jonesing for some new music (but that’s only because you haven’t bought the album yet). There’s not going to be new vt100 any time soon, however I am getting back in the studio and would like to announce the next couple of projects.  You know, things I’m doing that are slightly more exciting than studio upgrades and piano lessons.
First, I will be recording and engineering Cody Copeland‘s upcoming EP here at Studio Laminar. Cody is a singer/song writer from the great south, and I’m very excited to have him here.  For more Cody and his excellent work, check out his website:  codycopeland.com  (while I’m at it, Cody’s website designer, Cody, is also my website designer 🙂 )
In addition, I will be mixing Martta Saksa’s upcoming single, Freakshow. This will be my first international job; Martta’s in Finland and is an incredible vocalist.  Martta not only sings on this track, but this marks her debut as a producer and recording engineer.  I’m very excited to add the final polish to her hard work.  If you’d like to see what Martta’s up to, check her out on youtube:

Look for both of these collaborations sometime in the next couple months.
More announcements to come…