The Day the Album Came Out

Well, let’s see here.  It’s November 10th.  After quite the long road, the day finally comes where I share my creation with the world.  The feedback is good, I’m excited; people even like it when they’re inebriated.  Goal.

Since you guys are the extra cool, I’ve decided to add another track to soundcloud in celebration of a project’s end.  Here she is:


Can you believe it only took my whole life to learn how to write it?  Six years of actually trying.  Still, first album I’ve ever finished in all my years of being a musician.  I can certainly say I’m proud of what I can share with you now and glad I waited.  If this is the version of me that I leave behind, I’m very okay with that.  I think this song embodies that belief of mine.

Thank you for spending your time with me.  And, enjoy.