Album Report 10/10/15 – The masters have arrived

Hello children of the ether.  The mix report has evolved and become [brief pause while audience looks at title], that’s right folks… the Album report.  There’s probably only going to be two or three of these.  When the masters have arrived (today), when manufacturing is done (uh), and the release (uhhh).  Maybe we can squeeze our four if you want a post-mortem on the whole thing.

Today represents the tip-tail-end of anything left that’s musical.  The last part of the process that affects the sound in any way whatsoever.  Yep, that’s mastering.  I have in my position, 11, 24 bit 44.1 cuts straight from Mister Hatfield.  This is as good as this album is ever going to sound, right here.  Sure, I could ask for a tweak… but why would I?  Shawn has done an exceptional job.

But like all things creative, it’s always best to spend time with the work before you say it’s done.  Monday will be the day.  But, so far, I can’t find anything I don’t like.  What a gift.

As of the great Monday sign-off, mastering actually has a few deliverables:

  • 16-bit 44.1Khz waves.  These are what will go to cd manufactering, itunes, and so on
  • mp3s.  Hopefully I never have to give these to anyone (they brick at 15khz, come on, you want the full experience don’t you?)
  • Soundcloud masters.  Wait, soundcloud masters?  Yea.  Soundcloud has it’s own way of compressing your music (a la mp3).  Some mastering engineers will compensate for this by giving you a track that translates as good as it can to this format.

Immediately we’ll start the manufacturing process.  Or at least, we’ll get on CDBaby’s books.  But since we provide all the stuff, and they run it through a machine, I don’t imagine it’ll take terribly long to get things moving.  And yea, I’m making CDs… believe it or not, people outside of San Francisco still buy these things.  The hard-copy will be available from my website (this site, in fact), once we’ve got it all in.

That aside, well, all the album artwork is in.  Artist Cody Joseph Painter has done an exceptional job.  He’s worked with me to create a 4 page insert to the cd that just looks phenomenal.  Although I won’t share the full extent of that stuff yet, I thought it would be fun to share with you the album cover.  And here it is, isn’t it wonderful?


Next up is a complete re-design of this site.  Cody did the original site a few years ago.  I was excited for that version, and I’m even more excited to see what he’s going to come up with next.  Let’s just say, I love how he’s developed his style.

So, I suppose I’ve talked about how I feel about the art, but not much about the masters themselves.  Do you want to know how I feel about the masters?  Here, I’ll highlight it for you:

They are fucking incredible.


True story.

What’s next?  Well, copyright and the other paperwork is all done.  Just ship to manufacturing and well… set a release date.

Which will be announced next week.

Oh, and I suppose next week would be a good time to share one of the tracks with you all.  You’ve been patient, and I promise you, this is going to be worth a listen.