Mix Report – Off to Mastering and Packaging

Hey all, so… today is a big day.  The final wavs have been sent to AudibleOddities (a.k.a. Shawn Hatfield) for mastering.

Yep, it’s really happened.  The mix, is really done.  Can these blog posts still be titled Mix Reports now?  I suppose, this is the last one that can.  I’m totally okay with that.

What’s been going on since we last talked?


Lots of really subtle stuff.  No point in getting into it too much.  You know, making something a pinch of a second longer, so it lands just right.  Subtle sub-db adjustments to EQs.  Shit like that.  Shit even can’t probably hear, but tell myself I can.  That stuff.  And some minor fear surrounding the title track, Strangle Quiet Sunset.  But, it’ll be okay.

Yea, so, uh, now what do we talk about?  Well, I want to get more into the fine detail of making the album later (you know, stats like how many hours and bounces, the theme behind the songs and all).  However, there’s still surviving the packaging, publishing, copyright, and other various red tape to do.  It’s kinda fun though, mostly filling out forms.

Filling out forms about a record is a lot like getting to talk about your music, so, I’m fine with that.

The most exciting bit is getting the album artwork ready.  I’m pleased to announce that Cody Joseph Painter (the designer of this site), is creating the album artwork and layout for the cd.  He’s already showing me some sweet draft work; I think we’re both pretty excited about where things are going.

And, that’s that.  Everything is in motion.  Now, lots of waiting, and forms (oh copyright office, I find you so appealing).  I’ll return soon with some fun stats for the album.  Cheers, and thanks for all the support.