Mix Report – Post and Packaging

If I’m going to talk about the mix… why not talk about the part that comes after the mix.  No… I don’t mean relentless tweaking (actually, it hasn’t been that bad).  What I do mean, is all that… other stuff.

Since I’ve never made it this far, it’s all pretty new to me.  Part of it I’ve talked about a little, though.  So, the list?

  • Figure out the song order
  • Finish the tweaks
  • Send to mastering
  • Get the album artwork
  • Layout the jewel case
  • Figure out copyrights
  • Figure out manufacturing
  • Figure out distribution
  • Find money to pay for all the stuff
  • Finish the tweaks

Is there something else?  Probably.  Guess I did have a couple of i’s to dot.

I suppose you could consider marketing, or seeing if I can get on a college radio station or something.  A wise man once said,

If you like your music, somebody else does too.  It’s a matter of connecting with them.

Sounds simple enough right?

So, where are things?  I might as well start from the top.  Current track order is now:

  1. The C is Silent
  2. Free
  3. Lunchroom
  4. The Accident
  5. Green Tinted Windows
  6. Try and Fail
  8. Self Worth
  9. Awaken
  10. Strangle Quiet Sunset
  11. Atrium

I think this flows a bit better.  Thanks to Sir bill on some good feedback.

Art stuffs are all ip.  However, I have looked into the whole, ‘getting it out there’ question.  Easy – the goal is to put it in itunes, and maybe do some other stuff.  The internet doesn’t make this particularly difficult; just pay someone.

CDBaby, MondoTunes, BandCamp, Patreon, uh, I think there are like 15 more.  We will electronically distribute you.  Be on all your favorite music stuff – amazon, itunes, pandora, spotify.  Manufacture cds, sell that shit too – but we’ll keep a couple.  These actually seem to fall in three different categories of compensation, should you make something… compensatable.

CDBaby/MondoTunes are probably the type of service I’m most familiar with from way back in the band days.  In the old days, hey guess what?  CDBaby would make your CDs.  Go figure.  Now they’re an online publisher, too.  MondoTunes is effectively the same thing.  They just have a different website, pricing, and all that.  MondoTunes is losing for two reasons:

  1. It has a bad reputation.  Mostly for it’s marketing tactics.  Although people seem to find the service adequate.
  2. CDBaby has been around forever.  Plus, they just feel a tad more honest.  Heh.

These two services differ from bandcamp in that, bandcamp you sort of run your own store.  It’s a little bit more D.I.Y.  And this is fine and all, but maybe not quite what I’m looking for.

Then there’s Patreon.  A burner friend of mine brought this one up recently.  It’s basically a crowd-source monetization of something after you do it, and in granular little chunks.  Say you write a blog, and you wish you could turn that into a little cash.  Get paid to do what you love, it’s certainly on the list of dreams, right?  People sign up on your artist profile.  You say, “Hey, I’d love it if you gave me a quarter every time I wrote a blog”.  You say, “sure, I’ll even give you 50 cents.  However, I’d love not to spend more than 5 bucks on you in a given month”.  You write a blog, a little money is deducted, I get 50 cent.  Sounds beautiful right?

I mean, the reality of music is, most folks usually take several approaches simultaneously.  You can market your music but sharing your knowledge.  Not to mention, a great way to polish one’s skills is through demonstration.  I think, anyway.

And that’s Patreon.  Different from kickstarter where I would have asked the question, “Hey, will you guys give me a shitload of money, so I can attempt to do this thing.”  Thing is done, you get it no matter what.  But hey, Patreon is an interesting thing.

Have I chosen a strategy?  Yea, I’d like to go somewhat traditional, and make CDS.  This is particularly amazing because, I don’t really buy CDs.  But, you know, been a goal since CDs were a thing.  Might as well finish the original goals?

You get to choose a lot of stuff for your CDs too.  Do you want to print stuff on the cd itself?  Do you want a sweet picture?  Do you want it glossy?  What about the insert?  Jewel-case, sleeve, or something else entirely?  Oh yea, back to the insert?  1 sheet, 4 sheets?  8 sheet booklet?  Color?  Black and White?

Oh my.  

And then you think about digital distribution.  That comes with more technical questions.  Do I upload Mastered For Itunes versions of my track to iTunes?  Hard to tell sometimes.  I’m a bit too nerdy for my own good.

Regardless, I think CDBaby is it.  Also, maybe we’ll explore Patreon.  Do you like these stories?  Are they worth a nickel?

What else, oh yea… tweaks.  Gone into four tracks in the last couple days.  But it’s leveling out.

Then, there are copyrights.  Ugh.  I really don’t want to deal with this.  Uh, maybe in a minute.

So yea, I guess you’ll hear from me again after mastering.  Cheers.