Logic 10.2 Features I’m most excited about

Well, well, well, Logic 10.2 is out.  I can’t have it until I finish the album.  I mean, imagine for a second – I have 1 and a half songs left to finish, I upgrade logic, and I get to re-do a bunch of work on 5 of them.  That’s the fear of upgrade, and the fear is real.  That aside, I was going through the list and I thought I’d call out the logic features I was most interested in.

Alchemy is pretty exciting.  It’s a coveted application from camelaudio, a company I have sent much of my money.  When camel announced they were going down a few months ago, I got a bit scared.  Then my friend Taylor, the author of Audulus, mentioned he heard that apple bought them.  Fair to say, I’m glad those plugins will live on, and Logic 10.2 certainly shows their commitment to alchemy.  Now I can only hope they bring in camelphat and camelspace.  I use them all the time.  I suppose this is another nail in the ableton coffin for me.

Other features (amazing how many of these are things ableton has been doing):

  • Audio regions can now be nondestructively reversed using either a check box in the Region Inspector, or a key command.
  • There is a new key command Set Locators by Regions/Events/Marquee and Enable Cycle Mode.  (fucking finally)
  • Logic’s performance when Undo is performed is improved.
  • It’s now possible to delete a single MIDI take from within a Take folder. (fucking finally)
  • The Reset Channel Strip command now works on all selected channel strips in the Mixer.
  • It’s now easier to grab and drag up an automation line defined by two points at the bottom the automation lane.
  • Region-based automation is now correctly retained for all regions when joining regions that were originally divided from one continuous region.
  • It no longer requires two clicks on another application to bring it in front of a Logic plug-in window.
  • Mackie Control control surfaces are now reliably recognized when Logic launches. (fuck yea!)


Of course, there’s about a billion bullets about what’s changed.  These are just tidbits that I run into and will find interesting.  I bet you figured out that I have a mackie didn’t you?

10.2 also seems to integrate with apples new music service (does apple music have a soundcloud-esque component?).  Also, this service called ‘gobbler‘ – online collaboration?  Guess i’ll have to watch the video when my boss isn’t looking.


Ah well, maybe in two months I can have this update, eh?  Just a pinch more motivation to wrap up the mix on Try and Fail.  Then again, if I had this update, maybe Logic wouldn’t have lost 1.5 hours of work I did last night due to a software glitch.

Heh.  I love update day.