Mix Report – 8/15/15 — The Guilt of Progress

Hey all.  I’m making myself some dessert right now (strawberry ice cream surprise!) and so it seemed like a good time to send the latest off into the ether… for you all to participate in.

What’s going on?


No ordinary guilt of course, a strange guilt.  You see, I’ve been working on Self Worth.  Things have actually gone pretty swell.  Launch the track, get my bearings, fix stuff, mix mix mix, bounce, listen, compare.  Hrm, pretty close, pretty quickly.

When this happens, I feel guilty.  I start checking myself.  Have I gone soft?  I’m not spending enough time and this music will suck.  I’m getting lazy.

The truth is, before I picked up Self Worth to start working on it… I had already spent quite a bit of time on it.  Sure, not just writing it, but at one point in time… I thought this song was done (remember?).  Yea, so several hours were dumped into cleaning it up, and then I mixed it – but not super great… but I just have to mix it again, using all my sweet new info.

And I think it went alright.  The lessons applied.  Break it down, kill problems early, 100Hz is my enemy, and so on… and so on.  There are months of these reports that talk about the lessons.  Now they just seem like part of the workflow.  Stuff to look for, stuff to find.

I thought maybe this track would give me trouble due to my use of strings.  They can be tricky sometimes, especially if you’re doing things you’re not supposed to.  In my first pass it turns out I cut down the strings a bit.  Built something simpler; tried and true.  But it got the same point across… and allowed the song to be mixable (versus a hot fucking mess).

It’s an interesting thing to realize your ears have gotten better at knowing what to expect.  However, I’m still far from my playlist.  Far, but maybe good enough in my own right.  And, I may get better yet still, but there’s always the next album.

Switching songs.  I think next up I’ll take on the 2 minute intro track, and then switch into Try and Fail, a track I have some anxiety about my ability to finish it.



It’ll happen though.  Time to check on my strawberries.