Mix Report – 8/4/2015

Here we are, another random day.  Instead of mixing, I’m writing one of these mix reports.  It’s an incredible transition; going from hating reports, to doing them to relax.  Alas, here we are, again.

We both know there’s a lot of thought behind, what I call the “finish it,” paradigm.  You see, it’s about, well, finishing things.  This is fully my intention anyway and I suppose this report, helps us all know… I’m still in the fight.

Today’s big announcement though?  A song rename.  What once was Fallen Star is now Green Tinted Windows.


When I was little our front door had an upper window.  One where there was a cross pattern that provided 9 n”xn” little spots for glass.  The glass, I’m sure you’ve guessed… had a green tint.  Maybe green and yellow.  The colour was very 70’s.

The green tint was woven into this pattern of little circles.  Each one a similar size to the bottom of a soda can.

When I was very little I remember looking through them.  At what?  Not sure.  Some of the earliest memories involve me watching the kids go to school, and desperately wanting to be them.

I’m not sure that the green tinted windows remind me of that though.

For me, some feelings have colours.  I’m very fond of orange feelings.

There usually something to do with the lighting when I experienced something very young.  Light blue was something outside, in the morning.  Orange was in a late August afternoon (or not, this was 30 years ago).

What feeling is green-yellow-circles-of-glass?  Not sure.  Dissonance, perhaps?  Finite worlds beyond, provided you can only see them via the door..

Green Tinted Windows is definitely among the weirder of the songs on the album.  Listen to Fallen Star if you want, it’s still on my soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com/vt100).  That version will get taken down, as will everything when the album is done.  I don’t think you’ll miss the old version too much.

Really, this track went a bit easier than I thought.  I actually think I’m done with it now.  Going at it late in the process seems to have helped too; it’s got around 4 bounces versus the typical 20 (the first four embraced the learning curve).

Now, in all reality – I’ll work on this 8 more times.  But, it’s pretty close.  I’ve given it the “PM” (PreMaster) seal of approval.  With any luck it’ll mean something this time.

One thing that’s a bit tricky about this song is that I’m working with a bunch of clips I used when I scored Star.  In star I wanted to record Zoe as though she were some sort of banshee.  Wailing endlessly behind you, waiting to consume your being.

The plan was simple: Zoe would sing a bunch of random shit, I would place an epic reverb on her.

It worked too.

Anyway, I took all of those and wanted to make a song out of them.  Since they’re already a little weird, shit just got weirder.  It happens.  I’d say the majority of the work has been trying to edit my way around some shit I should have never considered appealing to the ears.

And the thing is, there’s still some of it left. It’ll gently embrace you’re ear and sound wrong.  But the trick is, the whole fucking song is wrong.  See where I’m going with this?

And with that, I bid you farewell.  Next time we speak, I shall have spent significant time working on Self Worth.

4 left.