Mix Report – Some time in July

Remember when I said I was half done?

Well, I was kidding.  But now I’m half done. Maybe even more than half way done, but only ever so slightly.

The Accident ended up needing some love.  And then some more love.  Aaaand some more.  Neurosis?  Perhaps.  But really, it needed love.  Don’t believe me?  See this list?

  • The toms were doing weird things
  • Then the toms were doing some more weird things
  • Then I’d fix the toms… and the toms would do more weird things.
  • That was until the snare started doing weird things.
  • And I noticed the choir wasn’t balanced right.
  • Then one more weird thing in the toms.

And, I think it’s okay, for now.  But then… snares started doing weird things in other songs.  We’re okay now though.  Well, minus the crash in SRTDRS which started doing weird things.

But the important part… I started mixing The C is Silent.  Turns out last time I worked on this song I was on crack.  I undid it all.  Starting the mix over on this one.  But it’s on its way.