Mix Report – 7/15/15

I would say…


that it’s half-way.  Pretty much done, this half is (sssuuuree maybe I tweak a little bit):

  • Someone Ran Down the Road Screaming
  • Free
  • Lunchroom/Atrium
  • The Accident

That’s about 30 minutes of music in those 5 tracks.  I listen to them every night, and after a couple weeks, sometimes something pops out at me (like the snare in Lunchroom/Atrium).  More or less wrapped up The Accident yesterday.  Gave it a touch of the boys choir.

Only a small lesson here, in that, sometime those washed out effects can be your friend.  I suppose Pink Floyd said it best (and I’m about to paraphrase) — but it’s important to make sure you’re the one controlling your effects, and not the other way around.

Barring me fighting this snare, I’m moving onto the next track.  Maybe it’ll be The C is Silent as I think that one will be straight forward… and I could use an easy win.


Famous last words.  But half.  For reals… half.