Mix Report 6/29/15

Although I may have less to say, progress continues.  I’ve been working on Atrium/Lunchroom since the great 350 dollar debacle of two weeks ago.  I tell myself, for you, for my audience of 3 people, I’ll write a short boys choir piece.  And maybe I will.  But, not yet.

And, in all reality, the lessons I’ve learned have been what I’ve been practicing as of late.  New lessons?  Not so much.  Maybe, if anything, some techniques I was trying to do are fine… I was just doing them wrong.

Lunchroom/Atrium really represents the pinnacle of delay difficulty.  I now understand what Aphex Twin said when he called himself an expert knob twiddler.  This song is heavily based on things I’m doing with delays.  Delays and arps, arps and delays, reverbs and decays and all that trancey stuff.  Granted, this is no trance track.  Oh, and don’t forget the feedback.

Yea, lots of knobs, lots of twiddling.  Making sure that, if things are going to take up space in the mix… they are things that you can hear.  It seems silly to lose a chunk of your mix to a jumbled mess of stuff in the background.  Really, it just makes your mix sound… well, muddy.  But, we’ve been over that.

Luchroom/Atrium is a bit tricky in its own right.  It’s two songs that I wrote as one.  I like to think of it more like 3 or 4 movements actually.  Just get one to sound good at a time, but mix everything around the drums and the bass.  If an effect takes things out of whack making me want to re-seat the levels… maybe that’s a good sign that there are parts of that effect I should dial down (i.e. hey distortion, you get loud hrmmmm).

I suppose, never trust a preset.  But, they’re great starting points.  I’m bouncing this down now.  This could be the one… well, it won’t be.  But, I haven’t done a bounce of this one in a while.  Listening back to the other tracks, well, they’re no daft punk… but unless I have a revelation, they’re more or less… in their final form.  The reality is, working on this until the end of time won’t make them sound like my idols, and, perhaps my mixes aren’t all that bad when stacks up anyway; maybe they’re just a little different.

So… tracks 3 and 4 on the album.  That puts me very close… to half way.  Ahead of me though… well, a lot still.  The second half of the album still requires a lot of exploration, even some writing.  At least I can take all these lessons with me.  At least.

This fall?  If I’m lucky.