Mix Report – Because I haven’t quit yet 6/??/15

The mix continues.  It does, still.  Go figure.  I thought about it a bit and well, I just hadn’t had enough epiphanies to really go into detail on something.  I’d learned a lot about tracking the veil of shit.  A lot indeed.

A lot of focus lately on my effects.  Yep, the effects.  Particularly the ones that were on the synths themselves.  Why?

Remember kids, if you compress certain effects they get louder.

So I’d pull up some dope preset, it’d have a shitload of chorus and delay on it.  Then I’d say, “fuck man, I want this to be thicker” and compress.  This, in turn, would blow out my mix (the veil of shit).

Realizing this, I had to reapproach the sound design on a couple synth sounds.  It goes like this:

  • Listen to the synth
  • Figure out what part of it is chorus, or delay, or whatever
  • Figure out if I want the new effect to be an insert, or a send.  There seem to be advantages to both in how I mix things.  Send if i want to stack shit on the effect, otherwise and insert and a mix knob is simpler
  • Figure out how to get the effect to get me close to where I was on the synth.  Different chorus means a different sound.
  • Find something I like the same or better.  Mix it in.
  • Yup.

Doing all of that, Someone Ran Down The Road Screaming finally came to a head.  It was done.  Then I realized I wanted to change the snare.  Which I’m doing right now.  But it’s subtle.  You know what, fuck it, I’m going to bounce, right now.

Okay, boucne going.  That was a 20 minute adjustment.  The snart felt weird, harsh.  Hrm, roll off the filter a bit, oh yea, there’s the body.  Turns out the body of your snare is between 100-200Hz.  I had at some point told myself it was at 200.  That yields a reasonably thin snare.  But with 100-200, I’ve got a little more work to fit it in with the bass.  Luckily, this song doesn’t have a lot going on in the bass in that range.  Notch, and done.

So yea, that song is done.  Again.  That’s the 16 bounce since the first time I thought I was done.  All things considered, once you run out of ideas, the song is done.  So, I suppose I may want to fight that snare some more.  but, feels good enough for now.  Still isn’t quite as clear as the daft punk mixes I listen to, but it’s in line with some Cinematic Orchestra and warren G.  So yea, I think it’ll work.

Done.  One is done.  One is fucking done.  Holy shit.

Free is almost there.  I’m going to log about an hour tonight.  That’s almost to the 30th bounce, but it’s a special case.  Since you’ve been gone:

  • New Kick
  • The synth treatment I talked about above
  • Midi work, lots of midi work.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – There’s no excuse for shitty midi.  What I thought was ‘humanization’ turned out to make shit hard to predict, hard to repair, hard to control.  I think I spent two or three hours just cleaning up.  Tonight I’m going to go back and adjust the timing slight.  Also the snare (heh).  Oh, and there’s something weird with some of the choir sounds.  I’m going to go back to the oscillators, see how the sound was built and where I can make cuts that make it more pleasing to my ear.

But that one, that one’s almost done too.  That means that’s almost two that are… done.

At least, until I change the snare again.  It stays done if I spend less than an hour tweaking.  True story.