Album Update 4/26/2015

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I’ve been around the world since we last spoke.  Well, Japan anyway.  I’ve been home a week now and yea… jetlag is real.  I haven’t done a ton of work, but can you imagine me not doing any?  You can’t, and neither can I.  So… with that, here are the notes from this weeks efforts.

Most of this week has been a slew of very subtle changes to both Lunchroom/Atrium and to Free.  In both cases, things were just… well, not quite right.  One small sound at a time would bother me, and I’d go to fix that sound.  Of course, each time I’d attempt to fix a sound I’d fix a couple more things.  Then bounce, listen a few places, and do it all over again.

If I remember correctly, Lunchroom/Atrium involved a build-up getting too loud, and uh, some real subtle eq’ing stuff.  The kind of thing where one out of the 15 systems I listen back on would tell me about.  Then again, once I’d hear it once, I could hear it everywhere.  Something in the 3-5k range.  That’s been the bane of my existence lately.

But hey, on the upside, it’s been a few days now and nothing new has grabbed my attention on Lunchroom/Atrium – that means it’s pretty well done.  Note also, I knew about the changes I was going to make pre-japan… I just had to wait to get home to make them.

Free is more or less in the same boat.  The general balance was there, but some things weren’t right.  Very specifically the mix was harsh (too much around 3-5k) and the kick was just… too loud.  I thought “oh, a db or so” nah, I brought it down around 5 (that’s a pretty substantial change).  And there’s this interesting thing that happens, you tug on one string, and all of a sudden other things appear.  So… I’ve actually put 5 or 6 hours into free at this point.  Some effects were too loud.  More harshness became apparent, but it’s close.  I’m going to give it a couple days of listening before I’m willing to say it’s as done as Lunchroom/Atrium.

But, it’s close.  Hour or two tops (famous last word).  That puts me at about 6 tracks.  I’ve been working on the 2 minute track Awakening a little bit too.  It sort of doesn’t count in this whole thing because it’s simple and short.  It’s probably in the spot that Free is in, although there are some frequencies eluding me a bit, so maybe 4 more hours to get that right.

With that being said, and listening back on what i’ve got so far, things seem in pretty good shape.  70% completion or so.  There are four normal length tracks left to mix.  Two will be hard, one will be medium, and one will probably be pretty straight forward.

So yea, pressing on.  No tidbits for you today though.  But maybe by end of June we’ll be looking at 90-100% completion range and can get on with mastering.

Until next week.  Cheers.