Pre-Japan Album Update

In case I die in a plane crash, I figured I might as well get the state of the album on paper.  You know, so that people know I was at least trying.


This is huge.  They aren’t by any means all done, but every song I intend to include on the album has now entered the ‘mix polish’ stage.  The last one was Awakening which is going to prove to have some high-frequency balance challenges despite it being a 2 minute song.

The C is Silent ironically enough, was denied the right to use Carl Sagan’s recording.  I’ve decided to release it as an instrumental, and well, the C really is silent.  It turns out it works as an instrumental reasonably well, but there’s some filling out that I’ll need to do where Sagan existed before.  I’m still wondering what I’d have to do to have his voice be so mangled I could still use it.  Maybe a good question for a lawyer.

I’ve recognized that I haven’t been paying enough attention to my highs.  Specifically the 4k region.  The first four songs to enter the mix all ended up sounding harsh relative to my mix playlist.  These frequencies are all very gently balanced in the music I’ve chosen to listen to, and haven’t been so much in my mixes.  Someone Ran Down The Road Screaming, The Accident,  Lunchroom/Atrium, and Self Worth have all received this treatment and are translating much better on multiple systems.

Lunchroom/Atrium is down to the final couple of tweaks.  I over did it on my highs just a pinch, and the build at the end an instrument gets too loud, but I think that’s it.  With that, half of the album will be DONE.

Grey and Try and Fail both need some re-instrumentation.  The chirpie thing in Grey, although it’s cool in some parts, is only cool in some parts – so it’s gotta go and I need to find something new there.  Try and Fail has a lot of problems in the drum samples I’ve chosen.  I’m starting with a new kick, but will likely get a new snare and hat sounds too.  After that, I think there’s heavy synth work to do.  So much for just mixing.

Fallen Star is coming along nicely.  There’s more vocal editing work I need to do.  I’m going for dissonance, but there’s just too much that’s not quit sitting right.  I don’t think it’ll be too hard to fix.  Also going after the lead.  Turns out I left the synth’s reverb on, it was over muddying stuff when I was trying to fit the sound better.  I’m working on that, and there’s some more sound design work to do on it (some swishy thing that aren’t quite working for me anymore).

And that’s it, hopefully I come back alive and can finish this album.  There’s still quite a bit of work to do.  I think, if I’m lucky, maybe June for mastering.  If I haul ass, maybe I could finish by mid may.

Finally, since you know, I might not make it, I thought I’d give a little tidbit of the album.  This is a (hopefully) final mix for self worth:

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