Album post 1

I thought and I thought, and I thought… and thought some more.  I realized, I’ve been doing this all wrong.  I’ve been going it alone.  Slaving away in a cave with whatever color light I choose.  That’s not right.  That’s not how this should be done.

And sure, you don’t have to follow along.  But if I don’t tell my story, then my story will not be told.  And tell my story I shall.

I’m making an album.  This has been happening for some time.  One and a half years in one regard, a lifetime in another.  And now, it’s time to talk about where I’ve been, and what I’ve been doing.

This is my first album, in any music project. I’ve recorded songs, groups of songs even.  Never have I had an hour’s worth, that is, all me, all now, one consistent quality.  And so, this project means a bit.  I do hope, that when you hear it, you feel it.

The plan:

  • Write a bunch of songs
  • Get them at least to the point where I felt like they were a song.
  • Do a quick mix
  • Think about what I’m not good at.
  • Come back to them all, but with a different context – mix.
  • And, apply a consistent sound for the record; many pieces making up a single piece.

For a long time, I thought the oldest song I would include would be irony.  As, to me, it represented a level of quality that I felt was, the minimum I wanted to represent myself with.  However, as I kept writing songs, sometime maybe two months ago.  I let go of this idea.  Here is the song list not in the order it will appear on the record:

  • Atrium/Lunchroom
  • The Accident
  • Someone ran down the road, screaming.
  • Free
  • Self Worth
  • Try and Fail
  • Grey
  • Fallen Star
  • Awaken
  • The C is Silent

I’ve been mixing since February or so, no more writing.  Atrium/Lunchroom, SRSTRS, Free, The Accident, and Self Worth are almost done.  Like, all the way done.  Self Worth and Grey have been started.

It’s already been a long journey.  Lots of issues:

  • My reverb abilities were sub par.  I needed to actually learn what I was doing.
  • My reverbs were sub par, I needed a new one.
  • I found it, it required a mother fucking ilok.
  • The mother fucking ilok didn’t want to load up if I’d restart my computer.
  • ilok support is fucking worthless.
  • I know a lot more about macs now.
  • I sought permission to use Carl Sagan’s voice in the C is Silent and… failed.  I get to remove him from the song.
  • Found an artist for the cover
  • Started looking for mastering engineers
  • And a lawyer.

So… yea.  It’s coming along.  A lot to do.  In a week, I’m going to japan, so everything stops.  I have some small tweaks to survive in accident and self worth.  Those are first.  Then Grey, and I’m so excited for Grey.  It’s one of my favorites, although that might be because its the newest.  But maybe, that voice thing is really cool.  I’m wondering if I left that part too short… then again, it keeps me coming back so… who knows.

And with that, I think that’s all I got.  I think i’m going to post weekly updates.  Get really technical about the things I’m doing.  It’s so subtle, but I’m really learning to hear it.  New monitors and the focus on mixing helps though.  I’m getting to the point where I can detect db-ish changes in frequency bands.  Finding that ‘sweet spot’.

Although, I keep comparing myself to Daft Punk (that’s the reference material I keep in the sessions, get Lucky).  That mix is… perfect.  Like the fifth fucking element.  I have a playlist of mostly uncompressed material too.  I’m about to listening to those, and all these songs… everywhere.  Well, the songs, so far.  All the ones I’ve started.

There’s weird shit.  Stuff pops out sooner or later.  But when you dig in, and you really look at what’s going on… yea… makes sense why shit’s not working.  At least, I seem to not be getting stuck on any single thing, and I have dwindling numbers.

See you next week, folks.  Maybe one day, I’ll post every single bounce of a track.  It’s… a process.