Well, everyone, I’ve finished a new track for you. This one is sort of a lower tempo trance. I don’t write edm very often, so consider this one a little special. I did, however, want to share the story that lead to this song. It may not be the most upbeat of stories, but not all stories are.



Every day, Tom would follow the same routine.  He would get up, go to work, do his work, come home, and relax.  Tom did not live the most lavish life, but he didn’t need much.  A good life with good balance was all that he ever needed.

Consistent to a fault, the world had everything a man could want.  His work provided purpose, his home gave him a life.  Through Tom’s purpose and his life he experienced all the things one could.  Pride, nourishment, love, stress.  All spiritual in nature, all physical in manifestation.

With each feeling, Tom knew time had past.  The next feeling would come later in his life.  The next feeling would feel different, as he was now different.  He was more experienced, he was older.

Eventually Tom’s friends would fall ill.  One by one, every handshake that mattered, faded.  Today there would be one less. Tomorrow, two.  The world, expanding as it were, simultaneously shrank.  This lead Tom to think about his life, and his place in the universe.

It was simple, really.  Time was limited.  Good feelings were plenty, but there was a truth.  A reality that we all know, but rarely like to discuss.  We feel it as our heart flutters.  We feel it as our feet touch the ground with every step we take.  We know its there, the trick is admitting it to yourself, and not letting it control you.

Tom came to his realization, and with a simple sentence, he understood…

I know.  I know that, sooner or later… sooner or later, I’ll collapse.