The C is Silent

Well, I’ve got a new one for ya.  And this time.. I made a video.


Should we talk briefly about how this track came to be?  Believe it or not it stemmed from an idea that literally sat around for two years.  I was doing some exercises in a book on music theory; the exercise in question was to make a melody out of a pentatonic scale.

Of course, I liked the melody I came up with and decided I wanted to make a song out of it.  You know how things go though, something kept coming up.  As my side projects have been dwindling down so that I can focus on the album I finally came back to that pentatonic riff.

Within one day of playing with that riff I through it out.  I did, however, have an accompaniment to it, a simple two chord A-B and back again riff.  I layered some more on it and then wondered if I could take something without movement and make something more interesting with it.  I ended up playing a lot with side chained gating on the majority of the instruments to get the primary idea illustrated.

Following that, I chose not to over complicate things.  How many variations could I make on this riff?  Add in some asian influence, and Carl Sagan, and here you have it.

I’m not actually sure if this song will make it to the album or not.  At least, maybe not in this form.  Things get a lot more complicated when you hope to put music in a record store.  For now though, I believe fair use says I’m “okay”.  Enjoy and, well, if this song takes a new form for the album.. and this becomes a bootleg floating around the trenches of the net…  at least I got to share it with you…

for a little while…