Someone Ran Down the Road Screaming

Howdy folks!  Its been quite a while since I’ve had anything to share with you, I know.  I’ve been traveling the world, presenting technology to the smartest folks in the world, and well, trying to relax.  But fear not, I’ll never stop writing tunes.  I’ve got quite a few on the chopping block actually.  Working towards the release of my first album.  This is a pre-album cut of “Someone Ran Down the Road Screaming”.  The album cut will learn lessons from the feedback you give – but this one is done for now.  Please.. enjoy…


vt100 – Someone Ran Down the Road Screaming



And a little backstory – because you guys totally are here for the stories, right?  One night last year I was dinking around in Live trying to craft my next masterpiece.  Ok, maybe I was totally dicking around hoping something cool would happen.  Playing with my new (to me) Juno 6 and experimenting with different styles of beats.  I ended up crafting some weird riff reminiscent of the Veldt theme from Final Fantasy Six.  Ok, it wasn’t quite that close, but the drum beat was similar.  Anyway, while I was working someone ran down the road… screaming.  It wasn’t quite a bloody murder type scream, although it didn’t sound necessarily that fun either.  This happened just when I was thinking of a working title for my “Save As…” dialog.

Only one bit of the original loop ended up staying in the song.  Its the lead part that can be heard briefly for 8 measures during the climatic moment of the track.  Other than that I was hoping for a chill track with a pinch of glitch.   I used the working title of the track to inspire some google searches of sound clips I might use in the track.  Eventually I came across a site that I think was meant to teach some english phrases, something like that.  One clip, featured in the song, “follow me” seemed like the one.  I imagined this person running down the street as perhaps a great leader, a guiding soul softly letting you know that the light offered solace.  Of course there’s some hesitation too, something we’ve learned on our own.

That’s it for now.  Enjoy.  Share.  Comment.