Authentic.  Real.  Dawless:  The Synaesthetic Perspective

Wandering the vast depths of space, vt100 searches and discovers.  Traveling between the realm of consciousness, the realm of the origin, and that of the fifth dimensions, their ship is fueled only by the pulse of the universe and their insatiable curiosity.  At the ninth sequence, the ceaseless pulse informs the song of the mobius, beckoning vt100 and their search to arrive upon Thesia. Thesia, the fourth moon off of Pyrrhic. And Pyrrhic, famous to the outerworlds as the first failed attempt; when love died.

Just who were they, the vt100?  An electrically driven, well designed bio-machine, born from the collision of the eighth universe with the last great hope.  Designed by Doctor Cosmos as a derivative of the fifth great consciousness, the vt100 were gifted with the violet perspective. And, interestingly enough, they communicate with the others via a special organ.  Embedded in the center of their mind is the vestibule, indigo, v-shaped and bent. Between the lines, between two images, their perspective exists.  Who are the vt100?  They are something else entirely.

Algorithm is coming.